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"My Business Is Now Running Over 50% Of Margins”…
“6 months ago I was a struggling business owner struggling to keep my business alive. With Vijai’s coaching, my company was transformed. Today, my business is running over 50% of our margins.” 
" Helped Me To Think In A Bigger Way"...

"He has a strategy for putting the best systems in place. Vijai has been fantastic about helping me see where our systems are and then helped me uplevel to the next system.”
"I’ve Seen A Complete 180"...

"My time management has improved by a landslide. I’ve seen a complete 180 and have improved tremendously on my work and deadline deliverables."
"The Secrets To
Building Wealth In Business, Real Estate & Finance Are Waiting For You"...

What People Are Saying About Vijai's Secrets To Success...
"I have had 3 coaching sessions with VIJAI over the course of 1 month. VIJAI was very supportive in sharing with me his knowledge in acquisition, prepared and organized with powerpoint slide to help me understand the different types of acquisitions to consider. Vijai’s high level of insight and expertise help me see grander possibilities. VIJAI is an inspiration to me in my fitness goals as well. Watching his fitness transformation has inspired me to get back into shape. I really appreciate VIJAI’s guidance and would highly recommend working with him!"

- Kristy Truong

"Vijai is the Tony Robbins for immigrants! He understands the secrets to achieving wealth and success on every level. He is not only a master of the physical -- health and making money -- he also understands the rules of growing wealth to serve yourself, your family and your purpose in life. He is a true master for our time."

- Andréa Albright 
Beverly Hills, CA 

Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • The #1 secret to making sure you are creating a true path to financial freedom (if you get this wrong, you will work the rest of your life and not have anything to show for it)
  • Why most immigrants will never succeed in the United States (Hint: it's not your fault! But you need to understand how to stop this pattern)
  • The hidden truth to why 97% of people in the United States are destined to stay broke, and the 3% get richer
  • Are you afraid that you don't have enough time? How this thinking will prevent you from ever discovering the rule of exponential value (when you know how to see this, you will never be short on time again) 
  • When you are struggling from paycheck to paycheck, you need this one powerful technique that all the richest people use (it's so much easierthan you think)
  • The big lie, "Making money is hard!" ... how to stop this from destroying your financial success for you and your family forever
  • Discover the fast-track formula to business, real estate, and finance (without spending years doing it)
  • You can be the first one in your family to create financial freedom... even if no one around you believes in you! 
  • How the Statue of Liberty holds the key to unlock your deepest dreams and highest potential (you will never look at the United States in the same way again!)
  • When you are caught in the trap of fear and worry, how to break free so you see the abundance of opportunity that is everywhere
  • Do this first thing every morning and you will save years of your life to create financial freedom (it's a secret I practice every day and it has made me millions)
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